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[2020 new Cisco certification] :

2020 new cisco CCIE certification list

All exams have two parts, the first step: to take the qualification exam, and the second step: to take the lab exam.

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, took the precaution of temporarily closing some of the CCIE lab exam centers and extending the current CCIE lab exams through Apr 26, 2020. On Apr 27, 2020, new CCIE lab exams will go live and current CCIE certs will migrate to the new certs.

Latest updates Cisco 400-101 exam practice questions


Drag and drop the OSPF network type on the left to the correct category of timers on the right. 

Select and Place:lead4pass 400-101 exam question q1

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 400-101 exam question q1-1

Hello 10, Dead 40, Wait 40
Hello 30, Dead 120, Wait 120
Point-to-Multipoint Nonbroadcast

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-101 exam question q2

Which network script automation option or tool is used in the exhibit?
A. Python
C. Bash script
D. Cisco EEM
Correct Answer: A

How is the TCAM on a Catalyst switch used when VRF-Lite is configured?
A. All configured VRFs share the Layer 3 TCAM
B. Each configured VRF receives its own Layer 3 TCAM
C. Layer 3 TCAM is not used in VRF-Lite configurations
D. Each configured routing protocol receives its own Layer 3 TCAM
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the Exhibit.lead4pass 400-101 exam question q4

What is the reason that the two devices failed to form an EIGRP neighbor relationship?
A. The K-values are valid.
B. The two devices have different key IDs.
C. The hold timers are mismatched.
D. The advanced MD5 digest do not match between the devices.
Correct Answer: B

Which two statements are true about control plane policing? (Choose two.)
A. Control plane policing will affect only traffic that is destined to the route processor.
B. Access lists that are used in policies for control plane policing must not use the log keyword.
C. Access lists that use the deny rule in control plane policing do n ogress to the next class.
D. The log keyword can be used but the be used in policing.
Correct Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-101 exam question q6

Refer to the exhibit. Which router will be used to forward traffic to destinations unknown in the area?
A. R3
B. R6
C. R2
D. R4
E. R1
F. R5
Correct Answer: E

Which command can you enter to set a default route match tag for internal EIGRP routes?
A. eigrp route-tag
B. eigrp default-route-tag
C. route-map EIGRP 25
D. match-tag list EIGRP_Default
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-101 exam question q8

If you apply this configuration to a device on your network, which class map cannot match traffic?
Correct Answer: A

What command can you enter to configure NBAR to recognize VNC traffic?
A. Ipnbar custom-map VNC tcp-udp 5900 5901
B. Ipnbar application-map VNC udp 5900 5901
C. Ipnbar port-to-application seq 5 VNC tcp 5900 5901
D. Ipnbar port-map VNC hex 0xAA 0x1B
E. Ipnbar port-map VNC tcp 5900 5901
Correct Answer: E

Select and Place:lead4pass 400-101 exam question q10

Correct Answer:

lead4pass 400-101 exam question q10-1

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-101 exam question q11

Which two statements about the given NetFlow configuration are true? (Choose two.)
A. It supports only IPv4 flows.
B. It supports only IPv6 flows.
C. It supports a maximum of 2048 entries.
D. It uses the default port to send flows to the exporter.
E. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 flows.
Correct Answer: AD

Which two statements about a flat single-hub DMVPN with NHRP are true? (Choose two)
A. NHRP shortens the configuration 01the hub router
B. NHRP dynamically provides informatlon about the spoke routers to the hub
C. NHRP disables multicast
D. The hub muter uses NHRP to initiate the GRE tunnel with spokes
E. The spoke routers act as the NHRP servers
Correct Answer: AB

How are the Cisco Express Forwarding table and the FIB related to each other?
A. Cisco Express Forwarding use a FIB to make IP destination prefix-based switching decisions.
B. The FIB is used to population the Cisco Express Forwarding table.
C. There can be only FIB but multiple Cisco Express Forwarding tables on IOS devices.
D. The Cisco Express Forwarding table allows route lookups to be forwarding to be route processor for processing
before they are sent to the FIB
Correct Answer: A

CCIE Change

RS exit stake in history stage, RS direction changed to Enterprise direction, existing RS certification automatically upgraded to enterprise infrastructure certification after the release of new certification
Design direction changed to DevNet direction, CCDA to DevNet Associate, CCDP to DevNet Professional

Enterprise Infrastructure (Originally R&S) and Enterprise Wireless (Originally Wireless) take the same IE written test

NP written test and IE written test is the same, take the NP/IE written test can choose to directly take THE LAB to become CCIE or reference an optional examination to become CCNP, the exam is more flexible

LAB exam modules changed from tS-DIAG-Configuration to design-and-deploy, operate and optimize two modules

All Cisco Certified 2020 Changes

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