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Latest Updates CheckPoint 156-915.80 Exam Practice Questions and Answers

To qualify as an Identity Awareness enabled rule, which column MAY include an Access Role?
A. Action
B. Source
C. User
D. Track
Correct Answer: B


Using mgmt_cli, what is the correct syntax to import a host object called Server_1 from the CLI?
A. mgmt_cli add-host “Server_1” ip_ address “” ?format txt
B. mgmt_ cli add host name “Server_ 1” ip-address “” ?format json
C. mgmt_ cli add object-host “Server_ 1” ip-address “” ?format json
D. mgmt_cli add object “Server_ 1” ip-address “” ?format json
Correct Answer: B
mgmt_cli add host name “New Host 1” ip-address “” –format json “–format json” is optional. By default the
output is presented in plain text. Reference: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/latest/APIs/index.html#cli/addhost~v1.1%20


Which of the following is NOT a type of Check Point API available in R80.10?
A. Identity Awareness Web Services
C. Mobile Access
D. Management
Correct Answer: C


How would you deploy TE250X Check Point appliance just for email traffic and in-line mode without a Check Point
Security Gateway?
A. Install appliance TE250X on SpanPort on LAN switch in MTA mode
B. Install appliance TE250X in standalone mode and setup MTA
C. You can utilize only Check Point Cloud Services for this scenario
D. It is not possible, always Check Point SGW is needed to forward emails to SandBlast appliance
Correct Answer: C


You have three Gateways in a mesh community. Each gateway\\’s VPN Domain is their internal network as defined on
the Topology tab setting All IP Addresses behind Gateway based on Topology information. You want to test the route-based VPN, so you created VTIs among the Gateways and created static route entries for the VTIs. However, when you
test the VPN, you find out the VPN still go through the regular domain IPsec tunnels instead of the routed VTI tunnels.
What is the problem and how do you make the VPN use the VTI tunnels?
A. Domain VPN takes precedence over the route-based VTI. To make the VPN go through VTI, remove the Gateways
out of the mesh community and replace with a star community
B. Domain VPN takes precedence over the route-based VTI. To make the VPN go through VTI, use an empty group
object as each Gateway\\’s VPN Domain
C. Route-based VTI takes precedence over the Domain VPN. To make the VPN go through VTI, use a dynamic routing protocol like OSPF or BGP to route the VTI address to the peer instead of static routes
D. Route-based VTI takes precedence over the Domain VPN. Troubleshoot the static route entries to ensure that they
are correctly pointing to the VTI gateway IP.
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following statements accurately describes the command upgrade_export?
A. upgrade_export stores network-configuration data, objects, global properties, and the database revisions prior to
upgrading the Security Management Server.
B. Used primarily when upgrading the Security Management Server, upgrade_export stores all object databases and
the /conf directories for importing to a newer Security Gateway version.
C. upgrade_export is used when upgrading the Security Gateway and allows certain files to be included or excluded
before exporting.
D. This command is no longer supported in Gaia.
Correct Answer: B


When migrating the SmartEvent database from one server to another, the last step is to save the files on the new
server. Which of the following commands should you run to save the SmartEvent database files on the new server?
A. cp
B. restore
C. migrate import
D. eva_db_restore
Correct Answer: D


Your organization maintains several IKE VPN\\’s. Executives in your organization want to know which mechanism
Security Gateway R80 uses to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of messages. Which technology should you
explain to the executives?
A. Certificate Revocation Lists
B. Application Intelligence
C. Key-exchange protocols
D. Digital signatures
Correct Answer: D


What is true about the IPS-Blade?
A. in R80, IPS is managed by the Threat Prevention Policy
B. in R80, in the IPS Layer, the only three possible actions are Basic, Optimized and Strict
C. in R80, IPS Exceptions cannot be attached to “all rules”
D. in R80, the GeoPolicy Exceptions, and the Threat Prevention Exceptions are the same
Correct Answer: A


What API command below creates a new host with the name “New Host” and IP address of “”?
A. new hostname “New Host” IP-address “”
B. set hostname “New Host” IP-address “”
C. create a hostname “New Host” IP-address “”
D. add host name “New Host” IP-address “”
Correct Answer: D
Sample Command with SmartConsole CLI You can use the add host command to create a new host and then publish
the changes. > add hostname “Sample_Host” IP-address “” > publish Reference: http://dl3.checkpoint.com/ pa


Which of the following statements accurately describes the command snapshot?
A. snapshot creates a full OS-level backup, including network-interface data, Check Point product information, and
configuration settings during an upgrade of a Gaia Security Gateway.
B. snapshot creates a Security Management Server full system-level backup on any OS.
C. snapshot stores only the system-configuration settings on the Gateway.
D. A Gateway snapshot includes configuration settings and Check Point product information from the remote Security
Management Server.
Correct Answer: A


The fwd process on the Security Gateway sends logs to the fwd process on the Management Server via which 2
A. fwd via CPM
B. fwm via fwd
C. CPM via cpd
D. fwd via cpd
Correct Answer: AB

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