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Oracle 1z0-1067-21 exam practice questions and answers

Annotation: 1. The question-answer is displayed at the end 2. The picture answer is displayed in the current


You are launching a Windows server in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancy. You provided a startup script
during instance initialization, but it was not executed successfully.
What is a possible reason for this error? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Didn\’t include anything in user_data.
B. Wrote a custom script that tried to install GPU drivers.
C. Ran a cloudbase-init script instead of cloud-init.
D. Specified a #directive on the first line of your script.


One of your development teams has asked for your help to standardize the creation of several computes instances that
must be provisioned each day of the week. You initially write several Command Line Interface (CLI) commands with all
appropriate configuration parameters to achieve this task later determining this method lacks flexibility.

Which command generates a JSON-based template that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) CLI can use to provide
these instances on a regular basis? (Choose the best answer.)

A. oci compute instance create – –generate–cli–skeleton
B. oci compute instance launch – –generate–cli–skeleton
C. oci compute provision–instance – –generate–full–command–JSON–input
D. oci compute instance launch – –generate–full–command–JSON–input


You are using the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Command Line Interface to launch a Linux virtual machine. You enter the
following command (with correct values for all parameters): The command fails.

oracle 1Z0-1067-21 exam questions q3

Which is NOT a valid parameter in this command? (Choose the best answer.)
A. –t
B. – –image-id
C. – –shape “andlt;shape_name>”
D. –c
E. – –subnet-id


You have set an alarm to be generated when the CPU usage of a specified instance is greater than 10%. In the alarm
behavior view below you notice that the critical condition happened around 23:30. You were expecting a notification
after 1 minute, however, the alarm firing state did not begin until 23:33.

oracle 1z0-1067-21 exam questions q4

What should you change to fix it? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Change the alarm\’s metric interval to 1.
B. Change the alarm condition to be greater than 3%.
C. Change the notification topic that you previously associated with the alarm.
D. Change the alarm\’s trigger delay minutes value to 1.


You run a large global application with 90% of customers based in the US and Canada. You want to be able to test a
new feature and allow a small percentage of users to access the new version of your application.
What Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Traffic Management steering policy should you utilize? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Load Balancer
B. IP Prefix steering
C. ASN steering
D. Geolocation steering


Which option contains the essential components of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications service? (Choose the
best answer.)

A. An ALARM with a name unique across the tenancy, a SUBSCRIPTION, and a METRIC with the measurement of

B. A TOPIC with a name unique across the tenancy, a SUBSCRIPTION, and a MESSAGE where content is published.

C. A TOPIC with a name unique across the compartment, a SUBSCRIPTION, and a MESSAGE where content is

D. An ALARM with a name unique across the compartment, a SUBSCRIPTION, and a METRIC with the measurement
of interest.


You are working as a Cloud Operations Administrator for your company. They have different Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) tenancies for development and production workloads. Each tenancy has resources in two regions – UK-London-1 and EU-frankfurt-1. You are asked to manage all resources and automate all the tasks using OCI Command Line Interface (CLI).

Which is the most efficient method to manage multiple environments using OCI CLI? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Use OCI CLI profiles to create multiple sets of credentials in your config file, and reference the appropriate profile at

B. Create environment variables for the sets of credentials that align to each combination of tenancy, region, and

C. Run our setup config to create new credentials for each environment every time you want to access the environment.

D. Use different bash terminals for each environment.


Which two statements are TRUE about Object Storage data security and encryption in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
(OCI)? (Choose two.)

A. Client-side encryption is managed by the customer.
B. Data needs to be decrypted on the client-side before retrieving it.
C. OCI Vault Management is used by default to provide data security.
D. All traffic to and from the Object Storage service is encrypted using TLS.
E. A VPN connection to OCI is required to ensure secure data transfer to an object storage bucket.


Multiple teams are sharing a tenancy in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). You are asked to figure out an appropriate
method to manage OCI costs.

Which is NOT a valid technique to accurately attribute costs to resources used by each team? (Choose the best

A. Create a Cost-Tracking tag. Apply this tag to all resources with team information. Use the OCI cost analysis tools to
filter costs by tags.

B. Create a separate compartment for each team. Use the OCI cost analysis tools to filter costs by compartment.

C. Create an Identity and Access Management (IAM) group for each team. Create an OCI budget for each group to
track spending.

D. Define and use tags for resources used by each team. Analyze usage data from the OCI Usage Report which has
detailed information about resources and tags.


You have been asked to investigate a potential security risk on your company\’s Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
tenancy. You decide to start by looking through the audit logs for suspicious activity.
How can you retrieve the audit logs using the OCI Command Line Interface (CLI)? (Choose the best answer.)

A. oci audit event list –-end-time $end-time –-compartment-id $compartment-id
B. oci audit event list –-start-time $start-time –-compartment-id $compartment-id
C. oci audit event list –-start-time $start-time –-end-time $end-time –-compartment-id $compartment-id
D. oci audit event list –-start-time $start-time –-end-time $end–time –-tenancy-id $tenancy–id


You set up a bastion host in your VCN to only allow your IP address ( to establish SSH connections to
your Compute Instances that are deployed in a private subnet. The Compute Instances have an attached Network
Security Group with a Source Type: Network Security Group (NSG), Source NSG: NSG-050504. To secure the bastion
host, you added the following ingress rules to its Network Security Group:

Oracle 1Z0-1067-21 exam questions q11

However, after checking the bastion host logs, you discovered that there are IP addresses other than your own that can
access your bastion host.

What is the root cause of this issue? (Choose the best answer.)

A. The Security List allows access to all IP addresses which overrides the Network Security Group ingress rules.
B. All compute instances associated with NSG-050504 are also able to connect to the bastion host.
C. port 22 provides unrestricted access to and to other IP addresses.
D. A netmask of /32 allows all IP addresses in the network, other than your IP


Your company recently adopted a hybrid cloud architecture which requires them to migrate some of their on-premises
web applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). You created a Terraform template that automatically provisions
OCI resources such as compute instances, load balancer, and a database instance. After running the stack using the
terraform apply command, it successfully launched the compute instances and the load balancer, but it failed to create a new database instance with the following error:

Service error: NotAuthorizedOrNotFound. shape VM.Standard2.4 was not found. HTTP status code: 404
You discovered that the resource quotas assigned to your compartment prevent you from using VM.Standard2.4
instance shapes available in your tenancy.

You edit the Terraform script and replace the shape with VM.Standard2.2
Which option would you recommend to re-run the terraform command to have required OCI resources provisioned with the least effort? (Choose the best answer.)

A. terraform plan –target=oci_database_db_system.db_system
B. terraform apply –auto-approve
C. terraform refresh –target=oci_database_db_system.db_system
D. terraform apply –target=oci_database_db_system.db_system


Which statement about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure paravirtualized block volume attachments is TRUE? (Choose the
best answer.)

A. Paravirtualized volumes may reduce the maximum IOPS performance for larger block volumes.
B. Paravirtualized is required to manage iSCSI configuration for virtual machine instances.
C. Paravirtualized volumes become immediately available on bare metal compute instances.
D. Paravirtualization utilizes the internal storage stack of compute instance OS and network hardware virtualization to
access block volumes.

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Question NumberAnswerExplain
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