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Latest Update Oracle 1Z0-148 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Which two statements are true about SecureFile LOB options? (Choose two.)
A. The DECRYPT option can be used to remove the encryption only if the LOB column is empty.
B. The KEEP_DUPLICATES option removes the deduplication effect only on new data in a LOB column.
C. The KEEP_DUPLICATES option removes the deduplication effect on existing and new data in a LOB column.
D. The DECRYPT option can be used to remove the encryption from LOB columns that are empty or contain data.
Correct Answer: CD


Examine this code: The anonymous block fails this error stack:[2021.4] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q2 [2021.4] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q2-1

Which two changes, when separately applied, would prevent these errors from occurring?
A. Define v2 as employees%ROWTYPE.

B. Initialize v1 and v2 with appropriate constructor functions.
C. Define v2 as pkg. rec.
D. Nothing because using the function TABLE (V1) is prohibited.
E. Define v1 as employees%ROWTYPE.
Correct Answer: AC


Which three statements are correct with reference to intra unit inlining?
A. Inlining will always decrease the size of a unit.
B. Setting PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL to 2 means automatic inlining is attempted.
C. You cannot inline an external subroutine.
D. Programs that make use of smaller helper subroutines are good candidates for inlining.
E. Pragmas apply only to calls in the next statement following the pragma.
F. You cannot inline local subroutines.
Correct Answer: CDE
Reference: http://dbmanagement.info/Books/MIX/Les07_PLSQL.pdf


You create this package and procedure:[2021.4] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q4

Which two blocks will execute without errors? (Choose two.)

[2021.4] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q4-1

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
E. Option E
Correct Answer: BE


DATA_FILES is a directory object that contains the DETAILS.TXT text file.
You have the required permissions to access the directory object.
You create a table using the following command:
CREATE TABLE clob_tab(col2 CLOB);
View the Exhibit and examine the PL/SQL block that you execute for loading the external text file into the table that
currently has no rows. The PL/SQL block results in an error.
What correction must be done to ensure the PL/SQL block executes successfully?[2021.4] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q5

A. The L_OUT variable must be initialized to an empty locator.
B. The L_OUT variable has to be declared as a temporary LOB.
C. The A_CLOB variable has to be declared as a temporary LOB.
D. The clause RETURNING col2 INTO a_clob should be added to the INSERT statement to correctly initialize the
Correct Answer: D


Which two statements are true about the extproc process? (Choose two.)
A. It loads the dynamic library.
B. It is started by the server process.
C. It converts the C output back to PL/SQL.
D. A single extproc process serves all user sessions.
Correct Answer: AC

Identify two strategies against SQL injection. (Choose two.)
A. Using parameterized queries with bind arguments.
B. Use subprograms that are run with the definer\\’s right.
C. Use RESTRICT_REFERENCE clauses in functions that use dynamic SQLs.
D. Validate user inputs to functions that use dynamic SQLs built with concatenated values.
Correct Answer: AD


Which two statements are true about the query results stored in the query result cache? (Choose two.)
A. If any of the tables used to build a query is modified by an ongoing transaction in the current session, the query result
is not cached.
B. A query result based on a read-consistent snapshot of data that is older than the latest committed version of the data
is not cached.
C. Adding the RESULT_CACHE hint to inline views enables optimizations between the outer query and the inline view,
and the query result is cached.
D. A query result for a query that has a bind variable is stored in the cache and is reused if the query is equivalent even
when the bind variable has a different value.
Correct Answer: AB


Which data dictionary view includes information about the parameters of procedures and functions that you can call?
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://blogs.oracle.com/oraclemagazine/the-data-dictionary-make-views-work-for-you


You have an OE_ACCESS_ORDERS_POLICY security policy implemented on the ORDERS table in the OE schema.
The user sessions are able to access only the desired rows. The database administrator (DBA) uses the following
Which statement is true about user sessions that are connected currently?
A. The security policy remains in effect till the end of the current session.
B. The subsequent queries on the ORDERS table produce an ORA-01031: insufficient privileges error.
C. The subsequent queries on the ORDERS table within the current session are not controlled by the security policy.
D. The subsequent queries on the ORDERS table produce an ORA-28112: failed to execute policy function error.
Correct Answer: C


Which two statements describe actions developers can take to make their application less vulnerable to security
A. Include the AUTHID DEFINER clause in stored program units.
B. Do not concatenate unchecked user input into dynamically constructed SQL statements.
C. Switch from using DBMS_SQL to EXECUTE IMMEDIATE.
D. Include the AUTHID CURRENT_USER clause in stored program units.
E. Increase the amount of code that is accessible to users by default.
Correct Answer: BD


You enabled PL/SQL tracing in a user session using the following command:
View Exhibit1 to examine the output. After some time, the query produces a different result as shown in Exhibit2.
What is the cause for the change?[2021.4] lead4pass 1z0-148 practice test q12

A. The FOO procedure has been executed more than once.
B. The PLSQL_DEBUG parameter is set to FALSE for the user session.
C. The FOO procedure has been compiled with the DEBUG option and executed.
D. Schema level statistics have been gathered by the database administrator (DBA).
Correct Answer: C


Examine the following SQL statement:
What is the result of executing these statements?
A. The PL/SQL optimize level for some existing PL/SQL units will be changed as an immediate result.
B. The PL/SQL optimize level for subsequently complied PL/SQL units will be set to 3 and inlining will be enabled.
C. The PL/SQL optimize level for subsequently compiled PL/SQL units will be set to 3 and inlining will be disabled.
D. This statement will fail because PLSQL_OPTIMIZE_LEVEL can only be set at the system level,
Correct Answer: C

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