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Latest Update Oracle 1z0-1071-20 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Which three options are true for this dialog flow code?

lead4pass 1z0-1071-20 certification exam q1

A. The code is poorly programmed because the account type variable will be set twice.
B. The system. List component always displays a list of options, regardless of the value of account types.
C. If System.SetVariable sets account type to a value, the System. List component does not display a list of options.
D. Usage of empty transitions is a bad practice because it can lead to unexpected results.
E. If no account type value is set in the start balances state, the Dialog Engine moves to the next state,
askBalancesAccountType, which lists options for different account types.
Correct Answer: BCE


Which two statements about message translation in a skill are true?
A. If auto-translation is enabled and a component has its translate property set to false, then the component output
message or level will not get auto-translated to the detected user languages.
B. A system. The output component that reads its text message from a resource bundle does not require auto-translation or
its translate property set to true to display translated.
C. A missing system. DetectLanguage state in a dialog flow causes an exception for components that read their output
message from the bundle.
D. For the System. Translateinput component to work, it requires a previously executed system.DetectLanguage
component state.
E. Enabling auto-translation in a dialog flow does not translate the user input message.
Correct Answer: BC

When testing your skill, you notice that two of its intents consistently rank as the top two, resolving within just a few
points of each other.
Given the unpredictable nature of which intent gets the top score, what would you do to allow the skill user to choose
the correct intent?
A. Change the Confidence Win Margin so that both intents are offered to the user.
B. Change the Confidence Threshold during your testing until the correct intent always wins.
C. For each intent, create an entity of phrases that are distinct to each intent and add the appropriate entity to the
corresponding intent.
D. Keep adding training data until you get a predictable result every time.
E. Change the Explicit Invocation Threshold to zero to ensure that the correct intent is picked up when the user
mentions the name of the intent.
Correct Answer: E


You want your skill to transfer conversations over to Oracle Service Cloud customer service representatives. Which type
of channel do you create to enable the skill to do this?
A. Applications
B. System
C. Agent Integrations
D. Users
Correct Answer: C


You have a use case that calls for users to enter a series of complex values. What would you do to ensure that users
enter these values correctly with the least effort?
A. Create a composite bag entity for the types of values and then add a regex entity to handle validation.
B. Use a system. common response component to aggregate and validate user input.
C. Create a review service that connects the skill to a web app that renders as a form and provides features such as
input validation and option buttons.
D. Create a dedicated skill for collecting and validating input and pair it with a skill for processing the validated input.
Correct Answer: A


Which two statements are true regarding local web application invocation using the system. web view component?
A. Local web views require a Node.js environment and must have a package, JSON file in their root folder.
B. An SPA application can issue an Ajax post command to the callback URL that has been passed with the web
application launch
C. system. webview components can only be used with web channels.
D. Local web views require SPA applications to have an index.html file in their root folder.
Correct Answer: AD


Select the FALSE statement regarding Oracle\\’s recommendation for defining your bot\\’s personality and
conversational design.
A. You should hide from users the fact that they are communicating with a bot and give them the impression that it\\’s a
human they are interacting with.
B. You should consider naming your bot and using an appropriate avatar.
C. Your bot should have a persona that matches that of your target audience.
D. Words carry emotions and you should carefully consider verbiage and tone in your dialog responses.
Correct Answer: B


What statement correctly describes the Authentication Service ion Oracle Digital Assistant?
A. The Authentication Service authenticates users to Oracle Identity Cloud Service. It provides customizable login
screens that are displayed in the context of a user-bot conversation.
B. The Authentication Service holds the identity provider configuration that is used at run time in Oracle Digital Assistant
to retrieve an access token that authorizes REST service calls.
C. The Authentication Service authenticates Oracle Digital Assistant users to a social media identity provider (for
example, Facebook) and associates social media accounts with accounts stored in the
Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
D. The Authentication Service allows bot designers to configure a custom webhook to authenticate and authorize users
using the System.OauthAccountLink component.
Correct Answer: D


You have a digital assistant with a pizza skill. While ordering a pizza, the user triggers the digital assistant\\’s Help
system intent by entering “help”. What is the default functionality of the digital assistant assuming no help functionality
has been implemented in the pizza skill?
A. The digital assistant displays a prompt and a card which can be configured to show examples of what the skill can
B. Nothing. You need to explicitly define a help state in the pizza skill.
C. The digital assistant displays the information contained in the Description field of the skill.
D. The digital assistant displays a dialog to confirm if the user wants help. If the user selects “yes”, the skill returns to
the system, intent, and awaits user input.
E. The current conversation stops and the skill returns to the system, intent, and awaits user input.
Correct Answer: D


The agentActions property in the System.AgentInitiation component:
A. Defines the states to which agents can optionally transfer a user when the agent ends the chat.
B. Sets the message to be displayed when an agent is first connected to a chat session.
C. Sets the message to be displayed if an agent refuses a chat request.
D. Sets the agent\\’s post-chat configuration (for example, “ready”, “wrap”, and so on).
Correct Answer: A


When a user interacts with one skill within a digital assistant but then enters input that may be relevant to another skill,
the digital assistant generally presents users a prompt to confirm whether they really want to switch to the other skill,
even if the input is completely irrelevant to the current skill. How can you reduce the frequency with which the user
encounters these confirmation prompts in a digital assistant?
A. In the dialog assistant, reduce the value of the Confidence Win Margin setting.
B. In each skill, reduce the value of the Confidence Win Margin setting.
C. In the digital assistant, reduce the value of the Interrupt Prompt Confidence Threshold setting.
D. In the digital assistant, add more utterances for the unresoivedintent system intent.
Correct Answer: D


You have gone through a number of testing iterations of your customer\\’s skill that comprises 10 intents. But you find
that generally, the best you can get is a confidence score of 96%, even when the user phrase is identical to one of your
training utterances. What should you recommend to your customer regarding this intent confidence score?
A. Keep iterating on user testing and add more training utterances until you can achieve a confidence level of 100% on
your user input.
B. For every verb in your training utterances, ensure you add a version of the utterance which also covers the past,
present, and future tense of the verb.
C. It is not always possible to achieve 100% confidence and adding more utterances may not help the problem.
Therefore, do not make further changes to the skill if it is performing to your expectations.
D. The highest possible confidence with 10 intents is 10% (100% divided by the number of intents). So, no further
changes to the skill are required.
E. Add more utterances to the unresolvedlntent.
Correct Answer: D


You are building a skill for ordering pizza and you need it to determine when a user enters the pizza
toppings and pizza size in their request.
Which Oracle Digital Assistant feature would you use to identify these variable values in a user\\’s
A. entities
B. answer intents
C. channels
D. digital assistants
Correct Answer: A

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