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Latest Update Oracle 1z0-1073-20 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Identify three statements that are true about reservations in back-to-back processing.
A. Changes to reservation in Oracle Logistics Cloud leads to exceptions, which are displayed in the Supply Chain
Orchestration work area.
B. Reservation supplies that can be reserved are Purchase Orders, Transfer Orders, Work Orders, and On Hand
C. Reservations cannot be created for back-to-back On Hand supply orders.
D. Partial fulfillment of reservations is supported.
E. One reservation is created for a demand and supply.
Correct Answer: ABE


You have set up min-max planning at the subinventory level with the following to source item AS12312 for Organization:
M1: Source Type: Organization Organization: M1 What type of supply request will be generated?
A. Purchase Requisition
B. Internal Requisition
C. None; this is an invalid setup
D. Intraorganization transfer order
E. Movement request
Correct Answer: D


Your customer is a very large organization spanning across multiple countries. Their legal requirements,
Human Resource Policies, and Functional Currencies for Ledger are different for each country. Your
customer wants to maintain 10 different companies in the system.
Which combination meets this requirement?
A. 1 Enterprise, 10 Divisions, where each division has its own legal entity and ledger
B. 10 Enterprises, 10 Divisions, where each division has its own legal entity and ledger
C. 1 Enterprise, 10 Divisions, where each division has its own ledger with common legal entity across all divisions
D. 10 Enterprises, 1 Division, where each division has 10 legal entities and 1 ledger
Correct Answer: A


Which three statements are true regarding Managing Units of Measure? (Choose three.)
A. Conversions between classes are unique for each item, the conversion rate varies for intraclass unit of measure.
B. A unit of measure standard conversion specifies the conversion factor by which the unit of measure is equivalent to
the unit of measure class.
C. A unit of measure conversion is a mathematical relationship between two different units of measure.
D. If you want to transact items in units of measure that belong to classes other than their primary UOM class, you must
define conversions between the base units of measure in different UOM classes.
E. You must define Unit of measure class with a base unit of measure.
Correct Answer: BCD


Your customer is managing a large sales team divided in two different geographies in the USA
They have the East Coast sales team and the Central sales team. Both teams are handled by one
manager and perform the same function.
You customer wants to track the expenses of the two teams separately; however, they do not consider
them different as they are handled by one manager only.
How will you fulfill the requirement?
A. Define them as one department and one cost center.
B. Define them as a single department and two separate cost centers.
C. Define them as two separate departments and a single cost center.
D. It is not possible to fulfill the requirement.
Correct Answer: B


Which three applications originate a buy request that is received by supply chain orchestration? (Choose three.)
A. Inventory
B. Purchasing
C. Self Service Procurement
D. Order Management
E. Planning
F. Accounts Payable
Correct Answer: ADE


Your customer wants you to restrict the values of Receivables Transaction Type for their three business units. You
created three reference data sets for each business unit. However, the user is still able to see the values in the
Transaction Type list of values which are not defined in the business unit data set.
What is the reason for this behavior?
A. Reference Data Sets cannot be used uniquely across business units. They can only be used at the Legal Entity
B. The user is seeing the values defined in the common set. The values should be removed from the common set.
C. The user has multiple Business Unit Roles and, therefore, is able to see additional values.
D. Receivables Transaction Types are common across business units.
Correct Answer: B


While performing the task “Create Chart of Accounts, Ledger, Legal Entities, and Business Units in Spreadsheet Task”,
you did not provide the functional currency; however, you mentioned that the legal entity country is the United States of
America. What will be the functional currency of the ledger you are defining?
A. It is mandatory to provide functional currency, because ledger cannot be defined without functional currency. The
system will throw an error upon processing.
B. It is mandatory to provide functional currency because ledger cannot be defined without functional currency. The
system will throw an error upon upload of the spreadsheet because all required fields are not populated.
C. The system will pick the first available currency from the List of Values.
D. The system will ask the user to provide functional currency at the time of uploading the spreadsheet if it is not
provided in the first place.
E. The system will automatically pick “USD” as functional currency from the legal entity country.
Correct Answer: E

Which three statements about cost organization are correct? (Choose three.)
A. Profit center business unit can have one or more inventory organizations.
B. Profit center business units can have only one cost organization.
C. All inventory organizations of a cost organization need to within the same business unit.
D. A cost organization can have one or more inventory organizations.
Correct Answer: ACD


An inventory transaction is imported to the system through an FBDI template. Which transaction state denotes that an
inventory transaction is created in the Oracle Cloud Inventory Management application?
A. Validated
B. Created
C. Deferred
D. New
E. Staged
Correct Answer: A


You set up an item organization and an inventory organization as part of your customer\\’s requirement. Your customer
has, by mistake, performed a receipt transaction in the item organization instead of the inventory organization. How wiil
you rectify the error?
A. Perform a correct receipt transaction and receive the item in the correct organization.
B. Perform a return of item and receive the item again in the correct organization.
C. It is not possible to receive item in the item organization.
D. Perform a new receipt in the correct organization and retain the stock in item organization because it does not affect
any other operation.
Correct Answer: C


Your client has not been managing Supply Request Exceptions on a regular basis. What issue does this cause?
A. The request will be denied automatically if not resolved within two days.
B. Supply orders are not created for these exceptions, thus causing disruptions in the Supply Chain.
C. If exceptions are not resolved within a set threshold days, it alerts the manager and continues to escalate up the
Supply Request Exception Chain.
D. No issues would be caused; these are just warnings.
E. After the errors reach a set threshold in profile options, no new requests can be created.
Correct Answer: B


What three Key Performance Indicators are available in the Warehouse Operations Dashboard?
A. Cycle Count
B. Distributed Value
C. Hit or Miss Accuracy
D. Shipment Value
E. Inventory Value
F. Exact Matches Rate
Correct Answer: CEF

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