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Latest Update Oracle 1z0-1065-20 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

Which seeded role needs to be associated with the supplier user account so that a supplier can respond to the invited
negotiations? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Supplier Self Service Administrator
B. Supplier Contract Manager
C. Supplier Customer Service Representative
D. Supplier Sales Representative
E. Supplier Bidder
Correct Answer: E


Purchasing document descriptive flexfields and value sets provide a way of capturing additional information for display
and reporting.
What three purchasing documents can make use of descriptive flexfields? (Choose three.)
A. Document Types
B. Approved Supplier List Entries
C. Blanket Purchase Agreements
D. Requisitions
E. Supplier Qualifications
Correct Answer: CDE


What is the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) KPI that indicates the count of approved requisitions
where at least one of the requisition lines is assigned to the buyer who has logged in and that requisition line is not
implemented into an order, bucketed by the number of days elapsed since the requisition was approved? (Choose the
best answer.)
A. Requisition Lines Cycle Time
B. Requisition Lines in Process Count
C. Requisition Lines Volume Count
D. Requisition Aging Count
E. Requisition Line Aging Count
Correct Answer: B


In negotiations you need to add a colleague to a scoring team, but they are not available. Which two are valid issues
that are causing this? (Choose two.)
A. The person has already been added to a scoring team.
B. The person has not been added to the collaboration team.
C. The person has already been added to a requirement section in a scoring team.
D. The person has already been added to the collaboration team.
E. The person has been added to have view access.
Correct Answer: AB


You have the following business requirements when configuring applications:
When creating an implementation project, you want to see the list of Offerings and Functional Areas that
are configured for the project.
You want to identify which stage all Offerings and Functional Areas are at.
Which two setups fulfill these requirements? (Choose two.)
A. You should have an IT Security role in order to fulfill these requirements.
B. Although the Offering configuration can be changed any time, the changes will influence any of the existing
implementation task lists.
C. You should change Provisioned to “No” to specify the Offering that you want to choose while creating an
implementation project.
D. You should select the “Enable” check box to specify the Options.
E. After creation of the implementation project you should set the status of tasks to “In Progress” or “Implemented”.
Correct Answer: DE


The Payables department has reported that a supplier is not appearing in the Submit Payment Process Request. The
payment method selected from the payment processing options at Submit Payment Process Request is Electronic.
Which two are reasons why the supplier does not appear in the Submit Payment Process Request? (Choose two.)
A. The From Date field value for the payment method Electronic is a future date.
B. The payment method Electronic is end-dated on the Payment Method tabbed page of the supplier profile for the
C. The supplier must have a Blanket Purchase Agreement in place.
D. The supplier has a default payment method of Check.
E. The supplier does not have an active Purchase Order.
Correct Answer: BC


In self-service procurement, you want to allow users to add in their home address for the delivery of certain items.
Which feature and task should you select? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Edit Address feature and Configure Purchasing Business Function task
B. Capture One-Time Address feature and Configure Requisitioning Business Function task
C. Update Address feature and Configure Self Service Business Function task
D. Manage Home Address feature and Configure Procurement Business Function task
Correct Answer: B


During a Procurement Contract implementation, a customer would like to set up their own line type for buying services.
They intend to use this line type for negotiating terms for future purchase of services and do not have a defined scope of
Identify the source that the customer needs to select while creating the line type to meet this requirement. (Choose the
best answer.)
A. Free form, buy agreement
B. Item, buy agreement
C. Item, buy
D. Free form, buy
Correct Answer: A


Your customer has three Business Units, of which two are requisitioning Business Units and one is a Procurement
Business Unit . They want to define each document number based on document type and business unit combination in
Oracle Procurement Cloud.
Which Functional Setup Manager task can be used to accomplish these requirements? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Manage Procurement Document Numbering
B. Configure Requisitioning Business Function
C. Manage Common Options for Payables and Procurement
D. Configure Procurement Business Function
Correct Answer: A


During Oracle Procurement Cloud implementation, one of the requirements of the customer is to capture the revision
history of Purchase Orders when `note to receiver\\’ is entered or updated as part of a Change Order.
What setup action needs to be performed in order to capture change history when a user updates `note to receiver\\’ as
part of the Change Order? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Update the attribute `note to receiver\\’ in the Change Order template for the Purchase Order.
B. Update the attribute `note to receiver\\’ in `Configure Requisitioning Business Function\\’ for the requisitioning
Business Unit.
C. Update the attribute `note to receiver\\’ in `Common Payables and Procurement Options\\’ for the procurement
Business Unit.
D. Update the attribute `note to receive\\’ in supplier site assignment for the supplier site.
Correct Answer: A
Your customer is using Cloud Supplier Qualification Management and Procurement Sourcing.
What three actions can the category manager take within a negotiation to solicit additional information from suppliers or
internal users? (Choose three.)
A. Copy the Supplier Qualification Area and use it as a requirement section.
B. Copy Supplier Qualification Questions in the negotiation as a requirement.
C. Create reusable Supplier Qualification questions directly in the negotiation.
D. Solicit information in your negotiation that is in addition to negotiation lines.
Correct Answer: ABC

You created a sourcing two-stage sealed RFQ and invited five suppliers to participate. The Technical stage is
completed and the Commercial stage is unlocked.
At this time in the award negotiation section, in the Award Line you are able to see only three supplier\\’s responses as
active responses. You are not able to see the other two suppliers\\’ data in the active responses.
Which two reasons are causing this? (Choose two.)
A. Supplier responses are closed.
B. Suppliers were not shortlisted in the Technical stage.
C. You have entered these two suppliers\\’ responses as surrogate responses by a buyer. In the Commercial stage, the
buyer has not yet entered surrogate responses.
D. Suppliers have entered the responses. Because the RFQ is sealed, you are not able to view these two suppliers\\’
E. Suppliers were already awarded.
Correct Answer: BC


For audit compliance, you require supplier bank account changes made by your supplier administrator to be approved.
Which step achieves this? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Set up Approve Internal Changes on Supplier Bank Accounts
B. Manage Supplier Profile Change Approvals
C. Set up Supplier-Initiated Profile Change Request
D. Manage Changes on Supplier Bank Accounts
E. Configure Supplier Registration and Profile Change Request
Correct Answer: B

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