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Oracle 1z0-1045-20 exam questions and answers online practice test


What happens behind the flag Only deallocate on Short in the order type screen?

A. The Order Type has no impact on the Picking Process.
B. When the parameter is set to YES, during short pick, the system will put the order hold status until more inventory is
C. When the parameter is set to Yes, then only the shorted quantity will get deallocated from the order.
D. When the parameter is set to No, the shorted quantity on the order remains in the “allocated” status.
E. When the parameter is set to Yes, the short pick will cancel the shorted order line automatically and inventory
adjustment will be generated for the item.

Correct Answer: E



You have hired a new employee to do picking in the warehouse. The employee complains that he/she cannot work
because the RF Picking transactions are not displayed as one of the RF options. Which two scenarios will cause the
transaction to be missing as an RF option in the user\’s menu?
(Choose two.)

A. The RF Picking transaction is not associated with her/his group\’s assigned RF Menu.
B. The employee\’s Group has a blank RF Menu.
C. The employee is assigned to the “Supervisor” group.
D. The employee\’s email is not set up in his/her user profile.
E. The employee has forgotten his/her password.

Correct Answer: AB


Your company is a manufacturing company using a legacy system to define and maintain their Item
On a daily basis, your company updates and defines new items in the legacy system, which is integrated
with Oracle WMS Cloud. You are an Inventory Super User.
Which option will you use to automatically update the Item Master of Oracle WMS Cloud daily from the
legacy system?

A. Using the host system to drop the ITMR file into the shared SFTP directory
B. Creating New Item manually on the Items screen of Oracle WMS Cloud
C. Manually uploading ITMR file using the Input Interfaces screen
D. Manually downloading Item Master file from ERP and uploading it to Oracle WMS Cloud

Correct Answer: A


Identify two correct statements about ASN creation. (Choose two.)

A. The ASN number can be system-generated or manually entered.
B. Oracle WMS Cloud allows the creation of a single/multiple ASN from a PO.
C. Oracle WMS Cloud only allows the creation of a single ASN from a PO.
D. The ASN number is always auto-generated from a sequence number.

Correct Answer: AB


You are monitoring the progress of the picking wave and notice that a rush order needs to be picked
Which two steps should you take to complete the Picking Tasks as soon as possible? (Choose two.)

A. Select the tasks in the Tasks UI, and confirm the pick in the UI.
B. Select the tasks in the Tasks UI, select Cancel Task, and re-run the wave.
C. Manually take the inventory from the location to the shipping area.
D. Select the tasks and in the Tasks UI, select Change Task Priority to give the task a higher priority.
E. Select the tasks in the Tasks UI, select Assign user, and let the picker know that he/she is to select the tasks for
the immediate pick.

Correct Answer: AE


Your customer is a Third Party Logistics operator (3PL) and ships multiple customer\’s orders from two centralized
facilities, one on each coast of the country. How do you set up the Facility, Company, and User hierarchy in the system
(in sequential order)?

A. Because of the distance between Facilities, you recommend two WMS Cloud instances for your customer.
B. Create the 3PL\’s customer\’s Companies first, then the Users, next assign customers and Users to the Facilities,
and finally, create an Admin account for the 3PL in each facility.
C. Create the Parent 3PL Company, then the Facilities, next to the Companies, next re-create each User in each facility he or she is eligible for work.
D. Create the Parent 3PL Company, then nested Locations Zones to represent the facilities and the customer
Companies and finally add the Users.
E. Create the Parent Company as the 3PL, then the two facilities, next to the Users in the facilities, and the Companies
that represent the customers, and the users to the companies.

Correct Answer: E


Your company is looking for a simplified method for managing a group of reports. Identify the type of report used in
WMS Cloud compiles multiple existing reports into a single document while executing each report in a single order.

A. CrossTab Report
B. Express Report
C. Linked Report
D. Chained Report
E. Standard Report

Correct Answer: D


Your client wants to create an Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) automatically after a Purchase Order
(PO) is created in the system.
What step should they perform?

A. The user needs to go to the Purchase Order Screen UI and select the “Create IB Shipment” check box
B. Update the Company Parameter CREATE_ASN_FOR_EACH_PO to Yes on the Company Parameter UI screen
C. When interfacing the PO, the “create_asn” check box needs to be selected every time
D. When interfacing the shipment, the PO number should be specified

Correct Answer: B


Your company has two facilities, one in California, and the other in New Jersey. The California facility needs to
exclusively check the quality of each item on receiving whereas the New Jersey one needs to exclusively perform ValueAdded Service (VAS) on each unit during receiving and shipping. Identify the Location Types that are required to be defined in the Oracle WMS Cloud to receive the items at the California Facility.

A. Reserve and VAS
B. Active and VAS
C. Reserve and QC
D. Active and Reserve

Correct Answer: D


You have a high-demand item in the warehouse that you order from different vendors (e.g. copy paper).
Each one of your vendors has its own item number and barcode for the item, and you have your own
internal number for the item. You want to process fulfill orders using your internal number.
What should you do in order to accomplish this?

A. Create Alternate Item Codes in the Item Barcode UI to include all of the vendor\’s item barcodes.
B. Create a pre-pack item with the original item barcode as the parent and the vendor barcodes as child items.
C. Create a different item in the WMS Cloud master data for each vendor.
D. Capture the vendor\’s barcode upon receiving in an inventory attribute and then scan the inventory attribute during
each transaction that requires an item scan.
E. Manage your workflow to only receive items from one vendor.

Correct Answer: A


Consider that in your company you are handling lot number tracking of items. Which two statements are true regarding lot management? (Choose two.)

A. Once can allocate the Inventory against the lot number during waving against an Outbound Order.
B. After performing the Putaway of an IB LPN, which is having the lot number, the lot number will not be transferred to
the Active location.
C. A received IBLPN can have multiple lot number-tracked SKUs with different lot number inventory at any point in
D. A batch number in the Batch Management UI has to be always linked to an expiry date.

Correct Answer: AD


Which five combinations of the lot and expiry date are valid scenarios in WMS Cloud? (Choose five.)

A. Two IB LPNs of the same item have different lots and the same expiry dates.
B. Two IB LPNs of the same item have the same lot and the same expiry date.
C. The IB LPNs have an item with the same lot and different expiry dates.
D. An item is lot-tracked but not expiry-date-tracked.
E. An item is expiry-date-tracked but not lot-tracked.
F. Two IB LPNs of the same item have different lots and different expiry dates.

Correct Answer: BCDEF


You are using the WMS Cloud at the Stores as well as the DC. Your workflow at that Store requires that you quickly pick
orders for the customer when they arrive. Which configuration allows you to achieve this workflow requirement?

A. Create an Order Type with the flag “Allocate during Pick” enabled so that you can pick orders at the store without
B. Set the Order Type to “Pick Without Wave”. This allows the RF options to automatically pick up those order and
display to pickers.
C. Create a Flow-Through process and configure each customer\’s address as a “Designation Location”
D. Change the Order Type to “Rush” and wave it because the customer is waiting.
E. Create a wave template with Wave Template Type “Store”, then the wave will allocate orders in a FIFO sequence.

Correct Answer: A



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PDF is a very popular learning tool, you can download it online. The latest free Oracle 1z0-1045-20 exam PDF is from Lead4Pass 1z0-1045-20 exam dumps!
We share part of the exam content to let you know the latest exam situation in advance. Get the complete exam questions and answers in Lead4Pass.

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