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200-125 exam: This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to network fundamentals, LAN switching technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, WAN technologies, Infrastructure services, Infrastructure security, Infrastructure management. Last date to test: February 23, 2020
The 200-125 exam will be retired on February 23, 2020. Keywords to replace in 2020: Cisco Certified Network Associate (200-301 CCNA) lead4pass website:

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Free Cisco 200-125 Exam Practice Questions

which value must you configure on a device beforee EIGRP For IPV6 Can start Running ?
A. Process ID
B. Router ID
C. Public IP Address
D. Loopback interface
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 200-125 exam question q2

The network administrator requires easy configuration options and minimal routing protocol traffic. What two options
provide adequate routing table information for traffic that passes between the two routers and satisfy the requests of the
network administrator? (Choose two.)
A. a dynamic routing protocol on InternetRouter to advertise all routes to CentralRouter.
B. a dynamic routing protocol on InternetRouter to advertise summarized routes to CentralRouter.
C. a static route on InternetRouter to direct traffic that is destined for to CentralRouter.
D. a dynamic routing protocol on CentralRouter to advertise all routes to InternetRouter.
E. a dynamic routing protocol on CentralRouter to advertise summarized routes to InternetRouter.
F. a static, default route on CentralRouter that directs traffic to InternetRouter.
Correct Answer: CF
The use of static routes will provide the necessary information for connectivity while producing no routing traffic

Which two statements about RIPv2 are true? (Choose two )
A. It must be manually enabled after RIP is configured as the routing protocol
B. It uses multicast address to share routing information between peers
C. its default administrative distances 120
D. It is a link-state routing protocol
E. It is an EGP routing protocol
Correct Answer: AC

What will be the result if the following configuration commands are implemented on a Cisco switch? Switch(config-if)#
switchport port-security Switch(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address sticky
A. A dynamically learned MAC address is saved in the startup-configuration file.
B. A dynamically learned MAC address is saved in the running-configuration file.
C. A dynamically learned MAC address is saved in the VLAN database.
D. Statically configured MAC addresses are saved in the startup-configuration file if frames from that address are
E. Statically configured MAC addresses are saved in the running-configuration file if frames from that address are
Correct Answer: B
In the interface configuration mode, the command switchport port-security mac-address sticky enables sticky learning.
When entering this command, the interface converts all the dynamic secure MAC addresses to sticky secure MAC

On which options are standard access lists based?
A. destination address and wildcard mask
B. destination address and subnet mask
C. source address and subnet mask
D. source address and wildcard mask
Correct Answer: D
Standard ACL\\’s only examine the source IP address/mask to determine if a match is made. Extended ACL\\’s examine
the source and destination address, as well as port information.

You need to advertise the network of Int fa0/0.
A. x.x.x.32 mask
B. x.x.x.32
C. x.x.x.32 mask
D. x.x.x.33 mask
Correct Answer: A

Which WAN topology provides a direct connection from each site to all other sites on the network?
A. single-homed
B. full mesh
C. point-to-point
D. hub-and-spoke
Correct Answer: B

When is a routing table entry identified as directly connected?
A. when the local router is in use as the network default gateway
B. when the network resides on a remote router that is physically connected to the local router
C. when an interface on the route is configure with an ip address and enabled
D. when the route is statically assigned to reach a specific network
Correct Answer: C

Which VTP mode prevents you from making changes to VLANs?
A. server
B. off
C. client
D. transparent
Correct Answer: C

Which three encapsulation layers in the OSI model are combined into the TCP/IP
application layer? (Choose three)
A. Session
B. transport
C. presentation
D. application
E. data-link
F. network
Correct Answer: ACD

The network administrator is asked to configure 113 point-to-point links. Which IP addressing scheme defines the
address range and subnet mask that meet the requirement and waste the fewest subnet and host addresses?
A. subnetted with mask
B. subnetted with mask
C. subnetted with mask
D. subnetted with mask
E. subnetted with mask
Correct Answer: D
We need 113 point-to-point links which equal to 113 sub-networks
The network used for point-to-point connection should be /30.
So our initial network should be 30 ?7 = 23.
So is the correct answer.
You can understand it more clearly when writing it in binary form:
/23 = 1111 1111.1111 1110.0000 0000
/30 = 1111 1111.1111 1111.1111 1100 (borrow 7 bits)

Which two statements about static routing are true? (Choose two )
A. It provides only limited security unless the administrator performs additional configuration
B. Its default administrative distance is lower than EIGRP.
C. It allows packets to transit a different path if the topology changes
D. It allows the administrator to determine the entire path of a packet
E. Its initial implementation is more complex than OSPF.
Correct Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 200-125 exam question q13

If the resume command is entered after the sequence that is shown in the exhibit, which router prompt will be
A. Router2#
B. Router2>
C. Router1#
D. Router1>
Correct Answer: B

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