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When does a transparent authentication fail on the Web Security Appliance, which type of access does the end user get?

A. guest

B. limited Internet

C. blocked

D. full Internet

Correct Answer: C


Which two capabilities does TAXII support? (Choose two)

A. Exchange

B. Pull messaging

C. Binding

D. Correlation

E. Mitigating

Correct Answer: BC

The Trusted Automated exchange Indicator Information (TAXII) specifies mechanisms for exchanging structured cyber threat information between parties over the network.TAXII exists to provide specific capabilities to those interested in sharing structured cyber threat information.TAXII Capabilities are the highest level at which TAXII actions can be described. There are three capabilities that this version of TAXII supports: push messaging, pull messaging, and discovery. Although there is no “binding” capability in the list it is the best answer here.

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