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Cisco Engineer 500-551 Exam Practice Questions


How does the Cisco Meraki MC platform simplify the complexity and overhead involved in VoIP deployments? 

A. by providing easy to configure and reliable on-site call routing and processing server clusters 

B. with purpose-built, all-in-one solutions that consolidate voice, video, messaging, presence, and chat for every user on

any device 

C. by providing a single-image, on-premises communications platform that grows and interacts with plug-and-play ease 

D. with zero on-site infrastructure (non-existent PBX), SIP-based cloud architecture, and direct integration with


Correct Answer: D 



Which option is the scalable management and bulk configuration tool used to manage Cisco Meraki MS switch ports? 

A. virtual stacking 

B. bulk templates 

C. aggregation configuration 

D. topology management 

Correct Answer: C 



Which two products are considered a part of the Cisco Meraki full stack? (Choose two.) 

A. Aironet wireless access points 

B. Catalyst switches 

C. MR wireless access points 

D. UCS servers 

E. MX security appliances 

Correct Answer: CE 



Which three characteristics of the use of a Cisco SMB router in a small-box retail establishment are true? (Choose three.) 

A. provides integrated security 

B. requires a switch for wired LAN ports 

C. has a large physical footprint 

D. provides integrated wireless 

E. creates a single point of failure 

F. create complex management 

Correct Answer: ADE 



Which two feature licenses (subscriptions) are available for the MX security appliances? (Choose two.) 

A. Advanced Security 

B. Essential 

C. Defended 

D. Comprehensive 

E. Enterprise 

Correct Answer: AE 



Which three features does the Cisco Wireless RF Planner offer? (Choose three.) 

A. determines which users are logged into the network 

B. dynamically disconnects rogue APs from wireless network 

C. provides a heat map of AP radio coverage 

D. generates project bill of materials 

E. estimates the number of access points required for a given area F. creates customer quotes and bill of sale 

Correct Answer: CEF 



Which two resources and tools are available within the Cisco Meraki Partner Portal? (Choose two.) 

A. API developer files and virtual sandboxes for proof of concept testing 

B. Cisco Meraki Support ticket/case management and live help 

C. backup login page for the Cisco Meraki dashboard 

D. registration for Cisco Meraki training series and previous webinar training recordings 

E. lead generation tools including custom referral links and templates to webinars. 

Correct Answer: BC 



Which options is the name of the process by which an organization\\’s license expiration dates are automatically aligned

for simple management? 

A. blended elapse 

B. co-termination 

C. weighted usage 

D. aggregated expiry 

Correct Answer: B 



Which option describes requirements for Cisco Meraki hardware to qualify for advance replacement through the lifetime

warranty and RMA policy? 

A. There are no requirements, any and all Cisco Meraki branded hardware qualifies for advance replacement. 

B. The proper entitlement level must be associated with the support contract of the Cisco Meraki equipment to be


C. A technical support case must have been opened with Cisco Meraki Support and troubleshooting must have already

taken place. 

D. Regional manager or higher level approval from within the Cisco Meraki sales organization. 

Correct Answer: C 




Which two Cisco Catalyst switches offer fanless operation? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco 3560-CX 

B. Cisco 2960-XR 

C. Cisco 2960-X 

D. Cisco 2960-L 

E. Cisco 3650 

Correct Answer: AD 



Which product is a Cisco cloud-managed product? 

A. Cisco Prime infrastructure 

B. Cisco Aironet wireless access point 

C. Cisco Meraki MS series switch 

D. Cisco ISR series router 

Correct Answer: C 



Which statement about how Cisco Meraki devices behave if they cannot contact the Meraki Cloud server is true? 

A. The devices may be re-initiated into a backup mode if an administrator manually intervenes using a direct, local


B. The network devices attempt to establish a connection to a locally hosted database server that has been configured

for high availability. 

C. The network stops passing traffic across all devices and their interfaces including any connected non-Cisco Meraki


D. The network devices continue to function normally (traffic flows at full line rate), but management and configuration

functions are interrupted. 

Correct Answer: D 



Which technology is used by Cisco Stealthwatch to collect traffic for threat analysis? 

A. sFlow 

B. NetFlow 



Correct Answer: B

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