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Latest Update Oracle 1Z0-1073 Exam Practice Questions and Answers Online Test

You set up an item organization and inventory organization as part of your customer\\’s requirement. Your customer
has, by mistake, performed a receipt transaction in the item organization instead of the inventory organization.
How will you rectify the error?
A. Perform a new receipt in the correct organization and retain the stock in the item organization because it does not
affect any other operation.
B. It is not possible to receive item in the item organization.
C. Perform a correct receipt transaction and receive the item in the correct organization.
D. Perform a return of item and receive the item again in the correct organization.
Correct Answer: B


Your customer has a complex financial reporting structure. Which three elements should you define first in order to form
a basis for this reporting?
A. Managerial, Operational, and Industry
B. Legal, Autonomy, and Operational
C. Tax, Legal, and Industry
D. Legal, Managerial, and Functional
Correct Answer: D


Which execution document is created by supply chain orchestration when a make request is received?
A. Purchase Order
B. Routing Create
C. Work Order
D. Transfer Order
E. Movement Request
Correct Answer: C

The physical inventory process is carried out for a particular inventory organization with the following parameters:
Negative QuantityTol er ance Percentage is set to 10%
Approval Type = ‘Always
Correct Answer: A


A third-party service equipment is used for various purposes in a manufacturing facility and needs to be overhauled
once a year. This equipment is charged based on its consumption without a project dependency.
At this point, it should be transferred out to the vendor\\’s warehouse for maintenance and then returned back in the
future depending upon the requirement. The material stock transfer should happen with an offline approval and with an
account alias as a logical reference.
What is the ideal way to handle this process?
A. Subinventory Transfer
B. Move Request
C. Transfer Order
D. Miscellaneous Transaction
E. Requisitions
Correct Answer: D


The Applications Development Framework Desktop Integration (ADFdi) user interface is supported in Oracle Fusion
Receiving, Inventory Management, and Shipping products. Identify four ADFdi user interfaces that are supported.
A. Review Receipts Interface
B. Manage Inventory Transaction Correction in Spreadsheet
C. Review Count Interface Records
D. Manage Lot/Serial Interface
E. Upload ASN or ASBN
F. Manage Shipment Message Interface
Correct Answer: ABDF


Which two tasks must be defined to set up the Facilities Schedule?
A. Manage Facility Time Cards
B. Manage Facility Operations
C. Manage Facility Workday Patterns
D. Manage Facility Shifts
E. Manage Facility Holidays
Correct Answer: CD


A user is performing a material return transaction against excess stock in an Inventory organization; however, the user
fails to select the Physical Material Return Required check box. What happens?
A. A transfer order line remains open
B. Shipment lines are created
C. Stock is reserved
D. It is considered as accounting-only return
Correct Answer: D


Which two options constitute the rights and responsibilities of a Legal Entity?
A. Manage warehouses
B. Create opportunities for new business
C. Account for themselves to regulators, taxation authorities, and owners according to rules specified in the relevant
D. Facilitate resource allocation
E. Own property
Correct Answer: CE

You face a supply request exception due to some reason. You realize that you need to make some changes to the
Manage Supply Request Exceptions page. Which action will you perform?
A. The supply request cannot be updated. The only way is to resolve the error in the source application and resubmit
the request.
B. Update the supply request and submit it. The errors will be resolved automatically.
C. The supply request can be updated using a third-party application only.
D. Update the supply request and make user errors are resolved before resubmitting it.
Correct Answer: A


Your customer has two warehouses (Inventory organizations) located in two different regions. They have a consigned
agreement in place with the supplier. Your customer requests that whenever consumption advice is created, it should
created separately for each inventory organization.
What setup is required to achieve this requirement?
A. Set Consumption Advice Summary in Consignment Agreement to “Organization”.
B. Set Consumption Advice Summary in Consignment Agreement to “All Organizations”.
C. This cannot be achieved because only one common consumption advice is created regardless of other parameters.
D. Set Consumption Advice Summary in Consignment Agreement to “All Organizations with items”.
Correct Answer: A


What are two outcomes when a lot expires on an item with lot control enabled?
A. It cannot be reserved for a date beyond the expiration date.
B. It is issued out of stores.
C. It remains in inventory, but is not considered on-hand when the user is performing min-max or reorder point planning
D. It cannot be transacted.
E. It is not included in cycle counts.
Correct Answer: AC


Which two statements are true in regard to using the Enterprise Structures Configurator?
A. The guided interview-based process helps you set up the enterprise with best practices.
B. It recommends job and position structures.
C. It creates the chart of accounts.
D. It allows you to create your Enterprise, Business Units, and Warehouses in a single step.
E. You cannot modify the recommendation from the tool. You must do it after you perform the initial configuration.
Correct Answer: AD

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