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On-Premise Applications Exam Dumps

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on-premise applications

e-business suite financial management

oracle e-business suite r12.1 general ledger essentials (1z0-516)
free 1z0-516 practice test (online)
free 1z0-516 pdf dumps (download)

oracle e-business suite r12.1 receivables essentials (1z0-518)
free 1z0-518 practice test (online)
free 1z0-518 pdf dumps (download)

oracle e-business suite r12.1 payables essentials (1z0-517)
free 1z0-517 practice test (online)
free 1z0-517 pdf dumps (download)

e-business suite human capital management

oracle e-business suite (ebs) r12 human capital management essentials (1z0-548)
free 1z0-548 practice test (online)
free 1z0-548 pdf dumps (download)

e-business suite procurement

oracle e-business suite r12.1 purchasing essentials (1z0-520)
free 1z0-520 practice test (online)
free 1z0-520 pdf dumps (download)

e-business suite project management

oracle e-business suite (ebs) r12 project essentials (1z0-511)
free 1z0-511 practice test (online)
free 1z0-511 pdf dumps (download)

e-business suite manufacturing

oracle e-business suite r12.1 inventory essentials (1z0-519)
free 1z0-519 practice test (online)
free 1z0-519 pdf dumps (download)

e-business suite order fulfillment

oracle e-business suite r12.1 order management essentials (1z0-521)
free 1z0-521 practice test (online)
free 1z0-521 pdf dumps (download)

hyperion planning

oracle hyperion planning 11 essentials (1z0-533)
free 1z0-533 practice test (online)
free 1z0-533 pdf dumps (download)

hyperion financial management

oracle hyperion financial management 11 essentials (1z0-532)
free 1z0-532 practice test (online)
free 1z0-532 pdf dumps (download)

financial data quality management

oracle hyperion data relationship management essentials (1z0-588)
free 1z0-588 practice test (online)
free 1z0-588 pdf dumps (download)

data management

oracle hyperion data relationship management essentials (1z0-588)
free 1z0-588 practice test (online)
free 1z0-588 pdf dumps (download)

jd edwards financial management

jd edwards enterpriseone financial management 9.2 implementation essentials (1z0-342)
free 1z0-342 practice test (online)
free 1z0-342 pdf dumps (download)

jd edwards supply chain execution (logistics)

jd edwards enterpriseone distribution 9.2 implementation essentials (1z0-343)
free 1z0-343 practice test (online)
free 1z0-343 pdf dumps (download)

jd edwards tools and technology

jd edwards enterpriseone configurable network computing 9.2 implementation essentials (1z0-344)
free 1z0-344 practice test (online)
free 1z0-344 pdf dumps (download)

peoplesoft human capital management

peoplesoft 9.2 human resources essentials (1z0-416)
free 1z0-416 practice test (online)
free 1z0-416 pdf dumps (download)

peopletools – tools and technology

peoplesoft peopletools 8.5x implementation essentials (1z0-632)
free 1z0-632 practice test (online)
free 1z0-632 pdf dumps (download)

peoplesoft financial management

peoplesoft 9.2 financials implementation essentials (1z0-631)
free 1z0-631 practice test (online)
free 1z0-631 pdf dumps (download)


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