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You are voiding a payment and have selected Cancel as the Invoice Action. After performing the void, you
notice the invoice is not cancelled but has an Invoice Cancel hold on it.

What is reason for this?

A. The invoice has been partially paid by another payment.

B. The invoice date is not in the current open period.

C. The invoice is already on hold.

D. The invoice accounting date is not in the current open period.



An installment for $1,000 USD is due for payment on January 10, 2019. The installment has two discounts: the first
discount date is December 5, 2018 for $150 USD and the second discount date is December 20, 2018 for $50 USD.
The Pay Date Basis on the supplier site is Discount. You submit a Payment Process Request with the following criteria:
Payment Date = December 5, 2018 Pay Through Date = December 25, 2018 Date Basis = Pay Date Always Take Discount option is enabled.

What will be the resulting status of the installment and discount?

A. The installment is selected and a discount of $50 USD (the second discount) is applied.

B. The installment is selected and a discount of $200 USD ($150 + $50) is applied.

C. The installment is selected and a discount of $150 USD is applied because the Always Take Discount option was

D. The installment is selected but no discount is applied because the payment date is after the discount dates.

E. The installment is not selected because the first discount date is before the Pay Through Date.

Discount Taken Amount is 150 USD. Although the Payment Date is after the discount dates, the first discount is taken
because the option Always take discount is enabled.




The expense auditor has chosen to Request More Information for an expense report. Select two ways the system
processes this action. (Choose two.)

A. The expense report status remains Pending Payables Approval.

B. The expense report is routed back to the approvers.

C. The audit can be completed before the requested information is received from the employee.

D. The employee must resubmit the expense report.

To request more information for an expense report, select the Request More Information option from the Actions menu in theheader of the Audit Expense Report page. The employee receives a notification that includes the reason for the request, specific instructions, and any additional instructions from you. Selecting the Request More Information action results in the following:




When submitting the Payables to General Ledger Reconciliation report, the extract did not select any dat

A. What should you check?

B. Make sure you assign an Account parameter when running the extract to include liability accounts.

C. Make sure you specified a Business Unit in the parameters when running the extract.

D. Make sure you enabled the Reconciliation flag to all of your liability natural account values.

E. Make sure you assigned a Financial Category of Accounts Payable to all your liability natural account values.

You must assign a Financial Category of Accounts payable to all your liability natural account values. This is a required
setup step for Payables to General Ledger reconciliation.




Which three are invoice types that can be entered using the Supplier Portal? (Choose three.)

A. Invoices that are automatically created when the supplier creates an ASN for drop shipments

B. B2B XML invoices

C. Non purchase order matched invoices

D. Invoices that are created from the Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) process

E. Purchase order matched invoices



What are the output formats supported for Electronic and Check format programs?

A. Electronic output format of XML, Check output format of rtf

B. Electronic output format of eText, Check output format of rtf

C. Electronic output format of Text, Check output format of Text

D. Electronic output format of DATA (csv), Check output format of Zipped PDFs

E. Electronic output format of PDF, Check output format of PDF

The eText template is used specifically for electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic funds transfer (EFT).




You need to enter a high volume of users into the system.

What is Oracle\\’s recommendation to do this?

A. Use the Enter a Supplier user interface and enter each user manually.

B. Use the Hire an Employee user interface and enter each user manually.

C. Use the spreadsheet templates available in Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) and then import users into Cloud Applications.

D. use the spreadsheet of Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) to import users.

If you have batch of users that have to be created, the Oracle team can bulk load the users into the OIM Application.




You have three procurement business units, four requisition business units and five sold-to business units.

For which will the supplier registration flows be deployed?

A. three procurement business units

B. one business unit per supplier

C. five sold-to business units

D. four requisition business units

E. twelve business units per supplier

A supplier is modeled as a global entity, meaning it is not created within a business unit or any other organizational
context. A procurement business unit establishes a relationship with asupplier through the creation of a site which
maintains internal controls for how procure to pay transactions are executed with the supplier. The other entities of the
supplier profile capture mostly external information that is provided by the supplier, such as taxidentifiers, addresses,
contact information, and so on.




What is the name of the Work Area that is used to access Functional Setup Manager?

A. Functional Work Area

B. Functional Setup Manager

C. Customization Manager

D. Setup and Maintenance

E. Customize Setup and Maintenance

All Oracle Functional Setup Manager functionality is available from the Setup and Maintenance work area.




You have 10 ledgers and 30 business units and want to leverage Preference Data Sets.

What is the function of Reference Data Sets?

A. allow you to secure data by business unit

B. allow you to assign multiple business units to users in a shared service center

C. allow you to maintain sets of related data in a Data Dictionary

D. allow you to share reference data, such as payment terms, across multiple business units to avoid redundant setup

Reference Data Sets You begin this part of your implementation by creating and assigning reference data to sets. Make
changes carefully as changes to a particular set affect all business units or application components using that set. You
can assign a separate set to each business unit for the typeofobject that is being shared. For example, assign separate
sets for payment terms, transaction types, and sales methods to your business units. Your enterprise can determine that certain aspects of your corporate policy can affect all business units. The remaining aspects are at the discretion of the business unit manager to implement. This allows your enterprise to balance autonomy and control for each business unit. For example, your enterprise holds business unit managers accountable for their profitand loss, but manages working capital requirements at a corporate level. In such a case, you can let managers define their own sales methods, but define payment terms centrally.

In this example:
Each business unit has its own reference data set for salesmethods. One central reference data set for payment terms is assigned to all business units.




You entered an invoice of 12,000 and paid it for Office Suppliers. The payment was never received by the supplier, and
you decide to return the entire order.

What should you do?

A. Cancel the invoice, which debits the liability and credits the expense.

B. Issue a credit memo, which will debit the liability and credit the expense.

C. Void the payment, which debits cash and credits the liability, and then issue a credit memo, which debits the liability
and credits the expense.

D. Void the payment, which debits cash and credits the liability, and then cancel the invoice, which debits the liability
and credits the expense.



Certain suppliers that your customer regularly deals with are exempt from tax.

How would you configure tax for this?

A. Enable the relevant suppliers for Offset Tax and create an Offset Tax to remove the calculated tax line from these

B. Define a Tax Status and Rate for Exempt, define a Party Fiscal Classification of Exempt, assign it to the relevant
suppliers, and write a rule to incorporate the exempt Party Fiscal Classification.

C. Create a new Tax Regime for the Exempt tax and subscribe the exempt suppliers to the tax regime on the Configuration Options tab.

D. Define a Tax Status and Rate for Exempt, define a Supplier Fiscal Classification of Exempt, assign it to the relevant
suppliers, and write a rule to incorporate the exempt Supplier Fiscal Classification.



Which three types of payments can you make if you have access to Disbursement Process Management Duty?
(Choose three.)

A. Reimbursement of employee expense reports

B. Employee advances

C. Supplier payments

D. Customer refunds

E. Ad hoc payments

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