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Vendor: Citrix
Certifications: Popular Exams5
Exam Name: Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration
Exam Code: 1Y0-A22
Total Questions: 101 Q&As
1Y0-A22 dumps
Scenario: A XenApp Administrator of a 100-server farm needs to apply Citrix and vendor hotfixes on a monthly basis, and a server restart is always required. The administrator needs to automate this process but does NOT have a third party tool available.
Which two tasks should the administrator complete to guarantee that updates will be applied successfully? (Choose two.)
A. Prohibit logons and notify users.
B. Restart the server and install hotfixes.
C. Apply application load evaluators and notify users.
D. Log off all users from servers and schedule a .EXE setup file installation.
Correct Answer: AB

Scenario: The Citrix Administrator of a large farm needs to perform a health check after a scheduled update window. The health check should alert the administrator when the server is unavailable to users. 1Y0-A22 dumps
Which action must the administrator take to perform a health check after a scheduled update window?
A. Use PowerShell SDK scripts to verify the applied updates.
B. Use MFCOM to check applied updates and enabled logons.
C. Use MFCOM scripts to verify enabled logons and open Citrix ports.
D. Use PowerShell SDK scripts to check enabled logons and open Citrix ports.
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: A new administrator has been asked to ensure that all servers meet the minimum required patching level. A test server has been used to confirm that all patches can be deployed to the production servers. Testing has identified that production servers are NOT at the same patch level.
Which action can the administrator take to identify which patches are required on each production server?
A. Use the Citrix Computer policy wizard.
B. Use the Citrix AppCenter History node.
C. Use the Citrix AppCenter Configuration Tools node.
D. Use the Prepare this server for imaging and provisioning task.
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: A XenApp Administrator needs to deploy a small MSI package across all XenApp servers. This package requires a restart which needs to be scheduled to ensure that all servers do NOT restart at once.
Which action must the administrator take to fulfill the requirement?
A. Set up Installation Manager.
B. Configure Health Monitoring and Recovery.
C. Create a maintenance policy in the AppCenter console.
D. Use the XenApp Server Role Manager to install Installation Manager.
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: A user reports that a hosted desktop session is sporadically slow. To assess the problem, an administrator reviews the Client Connection Status of the user and observes the information displayed in the attached exhibit.
Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibit.
1Y0-A22 dumps
Which conclusion can the administrator make based on the information in the attached exhibit?
A. ICA network traffic is functioning normally.
B. The white bar indicates that there may be a problem with incoming data.
C. Outgoing data is constrained as evidenced by the number of bytes/frame.
D. An older version of the Citrix Receiver may be causing ICA traffic to function less optimally.
Correct Answer: A

Which component should an administrator monitor to verify if the XenApp servers are accepting ICA connections? 1Y0-A22 dumps
A. ICA Listener
B. Logon Monitor
C. Citrix IMA Service
D. Citrix Streaming Service
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator has added an additional XenApp server to an existing zone in preparation for an expected period of bad weather disruption. This is to ensure that additional load can be managed. This server has been prepared from an existing clone with changes made in accordance with company policy.
Once the new server has been brought online, Edgesight alerts appear indicating “Zone Data Collector Election Triggered.” An investigation shows that the new server is now the data collector for the zone.
The administrator has searched in the configuration log file and viewed the history using Citrix AppCenter.
Which setting needs to be changed to return the data collector to the original server?
A. Load evaluator
B. Zone default setting
C. Load balancing policy
D. Worker group membership
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator deployed a new application on all the XenApp servers. The administrator needs to set up an alert to be notified if the application process takes up all the CPU time and RAM on the XenApp servers.
Which alert must the administrator configure?
A. Thrashing application
B. Application performance
C. High application resource usage
D. Health Monitoring and Recovery Action Failure
Correct Answer: C

A XenApp Administrator needs to set up monitoring between a Web Interface server and the back-end XenApp servers.Which component should the administrator monitor?
A. ICA Listener
B. Citrix IMA Service
C. Local Host Cache
D. Citrix XML Service
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: When users attempt to connect to a XenApp resource, they are often presented with a warning asking if they want to overwrite the existing launch.ICA file. Users only experience this when using the Intranet portal to connect to their XenApp resources. An administrator has identified that the “Launch.ICA” connection file is NOT deleted when a user disconnects or logs off from their session.
Which tool should the administrator use to ensure that the launch.ICA file is removed when a session is disconnected or logged off?
A. Citrix AppCenter
B. ICA Listener Configuration
C. Microsoft Group Policy Editor
D. Citrix Web Interface Management Console
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: A financial application is hosted on two XenApp servers in a worker group. Users report that they often have to click the published application icon several times before they can successfully launch it.
An administrator notes that one of the servers was removed from service due to hardware issues. The other server is fully functional, and it has the necessary resources to handle all the users’ connections. 1Y0-A22 dumps
What could be a reason why users have to attempt to start the application multiple times before they are successful?
A. Multi-Stream Connections has been enabled.
B. A custom load evaluator incorporates load throttling.
C. Session Reliability has been disabled for remote users.
D. Pass-through authentication is NOT enabled for users accessing through the Citrix Receiver Enterprise.
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: Some users in remote offices complain that Citrix sessions are slow, and the network administrator has asked the Citrix Administrator to determine whether any data transmission errors are occurring for a group of sample users. In this environment, EdgeSight, Branch Repeater and Session Reliability are NOT used.
How can the Citrix Administrator determine the extent of data transmission errors based on the sample users?
A. Configure Multi-Stream for sample users.
B. Open the Citrix Connection Center for sample users.
C. Enable ICA round trip calculators for idle connections for sample users.
D. Change the active session limit to something other than Never in the ICA-TCP settings.
Correct Answer: B

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