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500-052 UCCXD – Cisco:

This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of the design, implementation, and operation of Cisco Contact Center Express version 11.0 deployments.

  • 32% 1.0 Design a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express System Deployment
  • 40% 2.0 Implement a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express System
  • 28% 3.0 Operate a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express System

Latest updates Cisco 500-052 exam practice

An organization wants to collect an account number from a customer via IVR prompting Then the customer wants to use
a keystroke macro to insert the account number into the account number field in the agent CRM desktop application.
The keystroke macro will also initiate the CRM desktop application and execute a database lookup from the CRM
database server, in order to retrieve the customer record. Which product provides these capabilities at the lowest cost?
A. Cisco Unified IP IVR
B. Cisco Unified CCX Standard
C. Cisco Unified CCX Enterprise
D. Cisco Unified CCX Premium
E. Cisco Unified CCX Enhanced
Correct Answer: E

What is the maximum number of agents that can be supported by Cisco Unified Contact Center Express when deployed
with Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
A. 50
B. 150
C. 300
D. 400
Correct Answer: C

A customer purchases 200 Cisco Unified CCX Premium agent seats.
Which two additional items must the customer purchase to be able to run a 30-port outbound IVR campaign? (Choose
A. 30 outbound IVR ports
B. 15 agent seats
C. gateway
D. router
Correct Answer: AC

What is the maximum number of agent web chat sessions that is supported on the highest class server?
A. 25
B. 50
C. 75
D. 100
Correct Answer: B

Which three operations can be performed within the Cisco Finesse IP Phone Age (IPPA)? (Choose three.)
A. A supervisor can use Finesse IPPA to act as an agent and accept calls.
B. An agent can sign in to Finesse IPPA and initiate call recording.
C. A supervisor can sign in to Finesse IPPA and initiate call recording.
D. An agent using Finesse IPPA can enter Not Ready, Sign-out, and Wrap-up reasons.
E. Agents can log in to Finesse IPPA with Cisco Unified CCX deployed using a Standard license.
Correct Answer: CDE

What is the maximum round-trip time between Cisco Unified Contact Center Express servers in a WAN deployment?
A. 2 ms
B. 10 ms
C. 50 ms
D. 80 ms
Correct Answer: D

You are designing a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express system with four requirements:
250 configured agents 150 agents maximum logged in at any given time 30 agents able to make outbound calls 20
agents able to answer emails
How many premium seats should be purchased?
A. 150 seats
B. 180 seats
C. 200 seats
D. 250 seats
Correct Answer: A

Which two items are automatically installed on the Cisco Unified Contact Center Express server by the Cisco Unified
Contact Center Installer? (Choose two.)
A. IVR System Prompts
B. Cisco Supervisor Desktop
C. Cisco Unified Communications Operating System
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
E. Workforce Management
Correct Answer: AC

A preview outbound dialer uses which source and destination resources?
A. a CTI port to the customer
B. the ACD line of the agent to the customer
C. the personal line of the agent to the customer
D. a CTI port to the agent, then redirected to the customer
Correct Answer: B

In a Cisco Unified CCX application script, a number is read from an external database. The number must then be played
out as part of a prompt. Which Cisco Unified CCX Editor step creates a new prompt that can play out the number?
A. Create Container Prompt
B. Create Generated Prompt
C. Create Language Prompt
D. Create Conditional Prompt
Correct Answer: B

Which three components are installed from the Cisco Unified CCX Installer media? (Choose three.)
A. iPlanet Web Server
B. Cisco Unified CCX Engine
C. Cisco Unified Operations Manager
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager
E. Recording Component
F. Informix DB
Correct Answer: BEF

Which configuration object can have skills assigned to it in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express?
A. Contact Service Queue
B. Skill Groups
C. Resource Groups
D. competence levels
Correct Answer: A

Cisco Finesse supports the use of custom call variable layouts. How does the agent desktop determine which layout to
A. The name of the layout is passed to the agent desktop via a keyword variable that is named user layout.
B. The layout is associated to the team under Team Resources.
C. The layout is associated to the CSQ definition.
D. The layout is associated to the desktop layout under Team Resources.
Correct Answer: A

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